Meccanica Orlandini


Specialized in cutting, perforation, punching, soldering and bending of tubes and pipes, has been producing for fifty years, on behalf of a third-party, small and medium sized industrial articles of metal carpentry.
Thanks to our proved experience and cooperation with companies focused on
laser cutting and turning, we can provide customized solutions and project
technical support to satisfy customers' needs and we guarantee quality and
punctuality in the delivery, in order to contain the costs..



The new KITPOLE.

Design, quality and stability, in 4 models and 5 different colors.

Our Factory. Since 50 years.

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Our products


The Kitpole, the new fire extinguisher stand




Customized products


We provide a high quality service also to private customers.


Third-party production


We have been executing for fifty years, on behalf of a
third-party, a wide range of products.

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